October 06, 2009

Bill George: Action Steps To Turn Crisis Into Opportunity

The Bill George Team is covering the World Business Forum 2009 (#wbf09).  We are posting to Twitter, FB, and liveblogging. We’ll also post some speaker summaries on the blog.

Bill George
World Business Forum Highlights

The crisis isn’t over.  Just ask the 25 million underemployed or unemployed Americans.  But a smooth sea never created a great mariner.  Crisis is the real test. 

In 2008, Bernake and Paulson had limited options.  Bernake was a rock, and Paulson figured out how to save the system.  I don’t think that anyone realized how close we came to the system imploding in September 2008.  As the crisis impacts companies, who will step up? How will leaders in your organization act?

Robert F. Kennedy said that few will have the greatness to bend history.  The sum total of all our efforts will shape history.  A small group of people are going to tackle the great problems of today: global health, energy, job creation,  peace.  What role will you pay?