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Learn to Lead Through Crisis

You can’t prepare for a specific crisis as a leader, but there are 7 universal lessons you can follow to navigate the storm.

The Ultimate Leadership Test

Your Roadmap to Leading through Crisis

The 7 lessons you’ll learn are:

  • Face Reality, Starting with Yourself
  • Dig Deep for the Root Cause
  • Engage with Frontline Teams
  • Never Waste a Good Crisis
  • Get Ready for the Long Haul
  • In the Spotlight, Follow Your True North
  • Go on Offense, Focus on Winning Now
The Ultimate Leadership Test

Each lesson features a story of an established or emerging leader to illustrate the challenges and successes of their experience, and what we can learn from them.

Indra Nooyi,
Jeff Immelt,
Anne Mulcahy,
Dr. Peter Pisters,
MD Anderson
Lloyd Blankfein,
Goldman Sachs
Corie Barry,
Best Buy
Howard Schultz,
Jenn Hyman,
Rent the Runway