True North Groups at work for Georgia Tech undergrads

YOUR LEADERSHIP DOLLARS AT WORK: With the start of the Fall Semester the undergraduate “True North”mentoring circles have started again. This September marks the 4th mentoring circle where undergraduates and theirBeta Psi alumnus mentor meet to discuss Brother Bill George’s 5th chapter in his book “True North.” This chapterdiscusses values and principles. The groups are exploring the reality that your values and your principles are the basis ofyour authenticity. Before people can believe in you, you must believe in yourself. And before you can believe in yourselfyou must be firmly grounded in your own values and principles. These have been formed and forged through theexperiences you have had in your life so far. You may change, add to or re-prioritize these as you move forward withyour life but take some time now to think about your basic beliefs at this stage in your life. The group discussion so farhas been engaging and enlightening for both the mentees and the mentors.