October 14, 2009

10 Great Blogs from the World Business Forum

There’s been a lot  of chatter in the blogosphere on the heels of last week’s World Business Forum.  Here are 10 of the premier blogs I’ve come across from several folks you’ll recognize.

Andrea Meyer Bill Clinton & Bill George on Leadership (World Business Forum #wbf09); “Former President Bill Clinton was asked about his lessons on leadership.  His answer was threefold:

That last point about leaders needing to understand people was the comment that was most retweeted during the live-tweeting of Clinton’s talk. It was the point that resonated the most deeply with the audience.”


Dr. Ellen WeberJeffrey Sachs on Influence and Money Abuse

Wonder why so little of the money trickles down to any of brilliant ideas you champion?  Or do you have ideas about what potent solution could turn this ferocious downturn around?  Jeffrey Sachs called for a complete change in economic policy…


Kathy RobisonThinking Without the Box

“So how do you go about getting rid of the proverbial box?  It is hard enough just to get people to think outside of the box, how can we possible get rid of the box?  The reality is, that the box is the very thing that is holding us back.  The box is a framework that is often hard to look past when it is staring you in the face.  We are stuck in a business model born 150 years ago during the Industrial Revolution, and it simply no longer provides what is needed for businesses to continue to flourish.”


Steve ToddWorld Business Forum 2009 Wrap-up #WBF09:  “…in summary the speakers provided the audience with advice and insight into the following different areas:


Stuart MinimanConnections Make the Event

What pulls people into conferences? Big name speakers, a nice location, and all of the trinkets that you can fit while not going over your luggage weight limit (or in yet another conference bag)?  Of course not, it is the information that is important.  At the World Business Forum this week, it was the connections to ideas and people that made the event worth attending…


Paul GladerWSJ @ WBF – Clinton: Bush Administration Should Have Rescued Lehman

“I feel more strongly now it was wrong,” said Mr. Clinton. “They decided not to facilitate a loan to Lehman Brothers. They thought Lehman Brothers was so much smaller than AIG or Bear Stearns, they could afford to let it fail. The problem is that Lehman Brothers had already paid. When they failed, all the rest of us paid. It led to a collapse of the stock market. Every bank in America that had mortgage investments it hadn’t sold off looked like it had bad loans.”


Linda PetockWorld Business Forum: Lessons from the Bloggers Hub

Throughout it all, there were several key concepts that kept cropping up: transparency, innovation, global interdependence, emerging markets, resiliency, and compassion. What does this mean for you as a professional and a job seeker? To paraphrase Gary Hamel: “We are no longer in the knowledge economy. We are in the creative economy.”


Margery WeinsteinIs Your Company See-Through?

Not to be overly titillating, but the most successful company going forward may also be the most see-through…


Kelly EvansKraft CEO: With or Without Cadbury, ‘We’re Ready to Take That Next Step’

Ms. Rosenfeld toyed with the crowd at the start of her speech today (the subject of which was titled “Leading Transformational Change”): “Before I get going,” she said with a wry smile, “our lawyers have asked me to tell you all the following.”


Hank WasiakAll-Star Morning Wisdom from the World Business Forum

Setting the Stage.  Les Hinton, CEO of the Dow Jones Company summed up the past year with a quote. “If you ride through hell, you don’t stop.” He advised the audience to be vigilant and “keep on riding” since there are still challenges ahead. It’s not over yet. He was simultaneously optimistic about focusing on the future, the importance of small business, and sticking to what business does best: creating value!