September 15, 2009

“Crisis Called. Who Answered?” Contest Update, 9.15.09

With the “Crisis Called. Who Answered?” World Business Forum Contest well underway, we’ve received scores of submissions from all across the country.  Here’s another compelling nomination, this time from Anwar Chowdhury in support of UK PM Gordon Brown.  Reactions?

I nominate British Prime Minister Gordon Brown for his leadership in leading us out of the abyss caused by the financial crisis. Amongst world leaders, he played the most significant role in quickly identifying the need to stabilize the financial system by injecting money into financial institutions to recapitalize so that banks could continue to lend money to businesses and individuals to protect jobs. He also played a significant role by hosting an international summit of world leaders to stimulate the economy.

He emphasized the need for concerted global action and cautioned us against protectionism that would result in a much more serious and prolonged recession.

At the time of crisis, his voice was one of reassurance that we would be able to control the damage and restore confidence in the financial system.

He is also a leading advocate of strengthening the regulation of the financial industry to avoid future catastrophe.

The World Business Forum is three weeks away (Oct. 6th–7th), so there’s still time to submit a nomination – who would YOU nominate as the best crisis-time leader in America.