December 09, 2009

“ReadItFor.Me” Video-review of 7 Lessons for Leading in Crisis

Steve Cunningham, President and CEO of Polar Unlimited, recently created a ”ReadItFor.Me” video-review of 7 Lessons for Leading in Crisis.  I wanted to be sure to share that video here as Steve has done a phenomenal job of capturing the core message of 7 Lessons while interweaving it in a very entertaining forum. 

Complete with music, pictures, and an enthusiastic, engaging voice-over, Steve has managed to condense the pages of 7 Lessons down into a 10 minute video.  He also includes an excerpt from a conversation he and I had earlier this year about crisis-time leadership and the role that 7 Lessons can play.

I encourage you to watch the video in its entirety here.  And be sure to pass along your thoughts to Steve and myself.