May 21, 2021

The Good Leader: Leading Through the COVID-19 Pandemic with Corie Barry and Bill George

On May 20, 2021, Glen Nelson Center presented The Good Leader featuring Best Buy CEO Corie Barry. This digital event focused on Barry’s leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic and how she continues to steer Best Buy through one of the greatest challenges in its 46-year history.

Harvard Business School Senior Fellow, Bill George, joined Corie on stage in a far-ranging conversation about the qualities that make a good leader and how leaders can confront crisis, lead through uncertainty, and build a more resilient culture.Corie and Bill were also joined remotely by other local and national leaders to share their experiences leading through the pandemic and visions for a post-pandemic future.

The Good Leader was produced by Glen Nelson Center and generously sponsored by the George Family Foundation, St. Catherine University, Best Buy and the Carlson Family Foundation.